The 88 William Street Project – Kevin Haight

The 88 William Street Project

In 2015, we decided to purchase a small, Brantford house and save it from demolition.  Looking back, we’re not sure what it was that compelled us to commit to a year of painstaking restoration, financial uncertainty, and inevitable contrasts in opinions, but we jumped in nonetheless.  As Brantford area residents, real estate agent, and craftsmen, we couldn’t be prouder of the process and product that has become know as the 88 William Street Project.  We hope you’ll share in the story and learn a little about our local history through this amazing web series.  Enjoy!

EPISODE 1:  Local Real Estate Agent, Kevin Haight, saves a historical property from demolition and wonders what he’s gotten into



EPISODE 2: Financial troubles continue and the Haight Brothers make an incredible find



EPISODE 3: Warren works to get ahead of winter weather while Kevin looks for historical clues.



EPISODE 4: The Brothers make big gains in the restoration as the timeline tightens.



EPISODE 5: With deadlines looming, the team turns to staging to make the finish line.



EPISODE 6:  Finale! With the restoration complete, Kevin seeks to find the perfect buyer.


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