Love Coffee? Here’s to the PERFECT POUR OVER! – Kevin Haight

Love Coffee? Here’s to the PERFECT POUR OVER!


I love being a real estate agent and one of the perks of the community building business is exploring the people, places, and businesses that make Brant County and area so unique. ¬†Coffee meetings across the region is all a part of the job and make us experts in the field ūüôā

If you are looking for an outstanding local coffee experience, I highly recommend taking a drive up the road to Cambridge and head over to Monigram Coffee Roasters.¬†Opened in 2013 by Monica and Graham Braun, Monigram’s is a small-batch coffee roaster, built as a¬†cozy cafe in a century building. ¬†The decor, staff, food, and drinks blend¬†perfectly to create an excellent atmosphere to meet, think, and enjoy!

If you’re a home brew kind of person, a pour over is a fun, simple, and cost effective way to enjoy gourmet roasted coffee. ¬†Monigrams can help you out there as well. ¬†In addition to their incredible variety of in-house roasts, they also stock expert equipment and will have you set up in no time. ¬†Below, Graham shows you how to take your coffee creations to the next level with the PERFECT POUR OVER!



View the map below for directions.  Monigram Coffee Roasters, 16 Ainslie Street South, Cambridge 519.620.8008

If you have any real estate questions or would like our team to feature another local gem.  Send me a message!  Until next blog, stay caffeinated!

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