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Selling History

As a Brant County and area real estate agent, some of the most challenging types of properties I have the pleasure of representing are also some of my favourites. These are historical homes such as our 2016 listing, 597 Mt. Pleasant Road.


Our area has rich history and unique homes dating back well before the formation of Canada. A heritage home is one that has significant age and cultural value to the surrounding area and its designation as such ensures the good stewardship and conservation of the home while promoting knowledge and understanding about the property.

While it takes a special type of person to truly appreciate the charms of such a residence I believe that the undertaking can offer a one of a kind experience in what I’ll call the Three C’s: Character, Craftsmanship, and Connection.

The first benefit of course is the aesthetic beauty of historic homes. The individuality, unmatched architecture, and intelligent design are magnets for many homebuyers.  Endless discussions await the owners and their friends about how the choices were made and why.


The second benefit perhaps requires a more discerning eye. Look closely at these properties and you’ll see craftsmanship from a bygone era of pride and materials. Hand hewn beams, precision stone masonry, and painstaking woodwork are some of the many incredible efforts that make these homes stand the test of time.


Finally, there is connection. By becoming intertwined with a historical home you become part of its story and the protector of its history going forward. You’ll share the halls with the fascinating men and women who formed our communities. Every property has a timeless quality to it and becomes a source of joy and discovery each day.


If you have questions on local historical homes or are looking to buy or sell such a gem. Please feel free to contact me.

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