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Should You Invest in Real Estate in this Market?

The burning question on everyone’s mind is “Should I invest in real estate while we are at the top of the market?”  There are some very vocal investment experts and agents both for and against this idea.  In this episode of Real Estate Insider, I’ll let you in on my experience and help you answer[…]

Love Coffee? Here’s to the PERFECT POUR OVER!

I love being a real estate agent and one of the perks of the community building business is exploring the people, places, and businesses that make Brant County and area so unique.  Coffee meetings across the region is all a part of the job and make us experts in the field 🙂 If you are[…]

The Paris Wincey Mills

In the heart of Paris, Ontario is 31 Mechanic St. and the location of the newly renovated Wincey Mills Company.  This building is one of the most exciting Brant County real estate projects we have had the privilege of representing. The Paris Wincey Mills Company was a textile producer founded in 1889 and at its peak employed over 125[…]